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This site is designed to help CLA faculty obtain funding for research and scholarship and develop effective proposals. Grants consultants are available to assist faculty in identifying prospective internal and external grant opportunities, develop proposals, and submit applications. If you would like assistance, contact a grant consultant.

Russel Sage Foundation Funding Opportunities

The Russel Sage Foundation supports social science research related to "the improvement of social and living conditions in the US."

Funding opportunities are currently open in their core research areas of : The Affordable Care Act, Behavioral Economics, Future of Work, Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration, and Social Inequality.

A 4-page letter of intent for the current cycle is due in June. Please contact Anna Brailovsky ( if you are interested.


IonE Mini Grants RFP

IonE’s latest Mini Grant competition is now open for applications. Please share this information with interested colleagues across the University of Minnesota.

IonE Mini Grants are intended to spur new collaborative efforts by providing small amounts of funding ($3K max), administrative and logistical support (including organizing and staffing meetings), and space (for meetings, small conferences, new courses, reading groups, etc.) to interdisciplinary groups of faculty, staff and students from across the University of Minnesota system.

Beyond the necessities of innovation, novelty and a connection to environmental challenges, there are few constraints on Mini Grant activities. The overarching goal of the program is to encourage risk taking, collaboration and experimentation across disciplines, units or campuses. Examples that would advance this goal include:

  • catalyzing interdisciplinary teams around the development of new research proposals and projects
  • supporting teams to develop new cross-disciplinary course offerings, curricula, and training programs
  • facilitating the development of new partnerships between the University and outside organizations, including non-governmental organizations, businesses and government agencies
  • encouraging international collaborations and partnerships around environmental work at the University.

Funds can be used to conduct preliminary research, develop a proposal, sponsor a workshop or meetings, bring in outside partners, support travel for visitors, etc.  The Mini Grant program does not support ongoing work or activities that are commonly associated with traditional departments and research programs.  Only in the most rare cases will the program fund proposals for PI salary only or for equipment development.

The application deadline is April 11, 2016. Download the RFP for more information. All proposals must be submitted using the MiniGrant Proposal Template.


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New Fiscal Year 2016 fringe rates have been released!

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