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This site is designed to help CLA faculty obtain funding for research and scholarship and develop effective proposals. Grants consultants are available to assist faculty in identifying prospective internal and external grant opportunities, develop proposals, and submit applications. If you would like assistance, contact a grant consultant.


Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Grant-in-Aid program promotes the research, scholarly and artistic activities of U of M faculty. Deadline to apply: Feb. 1, 2016. Learn more


If you are planning to submit an application, we urge you to view the 2013 GIA panel discussion with past and present members of the review committee for valuable insights into what makes a successful application:

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Grants for Arts Projects

NEA Grants for Arts Projects (Click here for preliminary proposal instructions)

The deadline for preliminary proposals is 1/8

Sponsor's final deadline is 2/18 organizations/art-works/grant- program-description


To decrease the time between the internal deadline and the notification of nominees, we ask that you please "Register Interest/Share Your Ideas" on the OVPR website - Even just by entering your name and department. Or, email and let us know you plan on submitting a proposal!


Please see the "Extramural Coordinated Funding" website for information and guidelines:

http://www.collaborate.umn. edu/explore/external_ coordinated_funding.cfm

(Internal guidelines are found under "OVPR" in the "Internal Reqs" column.)






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New Fiscal Year 2016 fringe rates have been released!

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