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This site is designed to help CLA faculty obtain funding for research and scholarship and develop effective proposals. Grants consultants are available to assist faculty in identifying prospective internal and external grant opportunities, develop proposals, and submit applications. If you would like assistance, contact a grant consultant.

Grant Opportunity- CIC/ACM collaboration in language instruction or digital humanities

Pre-Prosal Deadline: June 30, 2015

The Enhancing the Midwest Knowledge Ecosystem (EMKE) program has put out a call for pre-proposals from faculty interested in designing and piloting ways for liberal arts colleges and research universities to collaborated in the areas of digital humanities and shared languages. Selected Pre-Proposlas will be invited to compete for funds up to $42,450 tha will be awarded in October 2015. Priority is given to proposals that:

  • Create infrastructure In digital Humanities (DH) for collaborative, cross-­‐sector professional development, building faculty capacity to jointly develop locally-­‐initiated and centered digital humanities projects; or
  • Demonstrate Collaborative partnerships and initiatives that create new models for teaching and learning across the ACM and CIC Consortia that enhance opportunities for students to reach more advanced levels of language proficiency through shared languages (SL); and
  • Disseminate the models for collaboration and sharing that are developed so that they can be replicated by other institutions in the two consortia as well as in other sets of institutions nationwide.

The Pre-Proposal due date is June 30, 2015

NEH, Humanities in the Public Square, due June 24


The Humanities in the Public Square program supports scholarly forums, public discussions, and educational resources related to the themes of a new NEH initiative, The Common Good: The Humanities in the Public Square.

Designed to demonstrate the vital role that humanities ideas can play in our civic life, the Humanities in the Public Square program invites projects that draw on humanities scholarship to engage the public in understanding some of today’s most challenging issues and pressing concerns. As NEH launches a year-long celebration of its fiftieth anniversary in September 2015, the Common Good initiative seeks to demonstrate the vital role that the humanities can play in our public life. NEH’s enabling legislation speaks eloquently of the need to attend to “the relevance public/humanities-in-the- public-square

Please contact Alexandra Brown ( or Anna Brailovsky ( for assistance with your application.




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