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Grant and Fellowship Databases
The online resource for all Federal grants. However, to ensure a thorough search of a specific agency's opportunities, it is recommended that you also search that agency's website.

Search and browse for academic conferences, calls for papers, fellowships, and grant announcements in the humanities and social sciences.

Fellowships, schoarships, and grants in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.

Pivot (from Community of Science)
Worldwide news and funding opportunities for many disciplines, including the humanities and social sciences.

SciVal Funding
Over 18,000 recent and upcoming funding opportunities from international sponsors in the humanities and engineering as well as the social, health, life, and physical sciences.

SPIN - Sponsored Programs Information Network
Detailed information about thousands of federal, nonfederal, and international funding opportunities. SPIN requires users to have a University of Minnesota IP address.