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CLA's Grants Support Team is a service of CLA's Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty and Research. The team's goal is to help faculty develop effective, fundable grant proposals and to help Principal Investigators and Department Administrators navigate through the University grants submission process.

Grants Consultant/Writer
Alexandra K. Brown
Arts & Humanities / East Bank
CLA, Office of the Associate Dean
for Research & Graduate Programs

146C Nicholson Hall
Grants Consultant/Writer
Anna Brailovsky
Social Sciences / West Bank
CLA, Office of the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Programs
280 Social Sciences Building
Grants Management Coordinator
Gayle Anderson
CLA, Fiscal Administration
209 Johnston Hall

Who We Are

Grants Consultant Services

Search for Funding

  • Identify funding needs
  • Locate internal and external funding opportunities
  • Review grant application guidelines and evaluate sponsor criteria

Develop a Competitive Proposal

  • Create a detailed proposal work plan
  • Facilitate collaborative (multi-college, discipline, or institution) proposal development
  • Interpret agency requirements
  • Edit proposals
  • Develop a comprehensive budget

Submit Proposals

  • Prepare proposal components using the Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS)
  • Prepare and route the Proposal Routing Form (PRF)
  • Upload documents to, FastLane, and other grant submission tools

We offer faculty workshops in several areas:

  • Developing Effective Proposals
  • Negotiating the University of Minnesota Sponsored Projects Submission Process
  • Finding Funding