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The CLA Grants Consultants offer a variety of workshops for faculty groups. Each workshop can be geared toward a specific discipline or research area. We can also design workshops targeted at your department's or group's specific needs. To schedule a workshop, contact a grants consultant.

  • Learning the Ropes Workshop: An Introduction to Research Funding Procedures and Policies

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    Topics Covered

    Conducting Targeted Funding Searches

    • An overview of U of M funding contexts, including the U of M Foundation and CLA External Relations
    • Sources for Internal Funding
    • External Searches: RFP's vs. Foundation Searches
    • Policies on Approaching Foundations

    Developing a Strategic Proposal

    • Understanding fundability
    • Approaching program officers
    • Strategic grant proposal (characteristics)
    • Guidelines & evaluation criteria
    • Audiences
    • Writing the proposal
      • Typical pieces of a proposal
      • Persuasion
      • Writing, period (clarity, logic, ease of reading)

    Proposal Submission through Sponsored Projects Administration

    • IRB, Institutional Review Board
    • RCR, Responsible Conduct for Research - Educational Requirement
    • REPA, Report of External Professional Activities. How & when to file a REPA
    • SPA, U of MN Office of Sponsored Projects Administration
    • EGMS, Proposal Development and Forms Routing Tool
    • PRF, Proposal Routing Form

    October 22nd, 2008
  • Learn to Search Funding Databases Efficiently

    The University Libraries offer excellent workshops on how to search funding and reference databases. Watch for Fall/Spring announcements.

    August 6th, 2008